Panorama Gallery
Choose from the designs illustrated below.  You will notice a design code printed below each image.  Make sure you write this code clearly on your order form. 

Panorama designs are designed to accomodate multiple hand prints.  This can be the same hand repeated more than once, or the hand print of a second, third or fourth child.  Please be aware that the addition of extra handprints will incur an additional art fee.  (see
products and prices for more information)
[06P02]  Elephant Parade
[06P01]  African Savanna
[06P03]  Vic Falls Parade with umbrellas
also available without umbrellas
[06P04]  Coral Reef Panorama
[06P05]  Rainforest Panorama
Main Design Gallery
African Savana
Elephant Parade
Coral Reef Panorama
Rainforest Panorama with chubby little birds
Peek-a-Boo Owl Panorama
[06P06] Peek-a-Boo Owl Panorama
Custom Designs
Vic Falls Parade panorama
Twinkle Toes panorama
Fish Smooch Panorama
[06P07] Twinkle Toes Panorama
[06P08] Fish Smooch Panorama
Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images plus further options.