Fundraisers and Critter Parties
Little Critters fundraisers are a fun way for your Kindergarten, Pre School, Playgroup, School  or special interest group to raise funds. Alternatively, host your own Little Critters party at your home.  Invite your friends or Mother's  Group for a messy, fun day, making hand prints and artworks.  There are great incentives for hosts and discounts available for larger orders.  You will also save on the cost of delivery.

For older children, why not consider a fundraiser where the children's own artwork can be printed on quality stretched canvas, framed prints or greeting cards
Great News!  You don't need to live in the Melbourne Metropolitan area to host a Critter Party.  You don't even need a little Critters consultant present.  You can do it all yourself! pressure to buy and a fun day with your family and friends. 

Here is what one of our happy hosts had to say;

Dear Carol,

I honestly can't stress to you the amount of fun I had.  I think the Mothers really enjoyed themselves also as it was a relaxed environment, no pressure to order and they didn't have to hang around for the half an hour talk like some other party plan events. The party went fantastic ~ if I do say so myself.  Everyone absolutely loved your items and designs.